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Full of Free resources, downloads, books and articles on how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.
Full of free resources, books and articles of how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.

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Healing belongs to us

Healing for the body is a part of the 'wonderful grace of God that brings salvation to the world' Jesus paid the price for our healing as the Scriptures plainly teach. Just because some fail to receive what the Lord did, doesn't change God's mind on it. Healing is based on what Jesus did for us, not on a 'will I, won't I' attitude.
Yes, He IS sovereign but ALL may freely receive from His grace. He has healed me numerous times and even delivered me from death! ~ His willingness to heal is based upon what Jesus did and His great love for us, not by our efforts or works. He is 'no respecter of persons' ~ What He does for one, He will do for all - Amen.

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Good news

  • James 5:14 - God's promise to His Church.

    Faith is a gift from God that enables you to receive from His grace.

    This is MUST understand!

    This is what I heard in my spirit the other day..
    'We are trying to get God to do something He has already done, instead of resisting the thief who is trying to steal what we already have!

    Lets examine the Scriptures and what Jesus said..

    Your healing for your physical body was paid for at Calvary.. FACT
    "By whose stripes you were (past tense) healed"

    With the forgiveness of our sins should come healing for our bodies. So why are so many still ill? - Mainly because people don't know what was done for them, nor His great desire to bless them. "My people are destroyed (cut off) for lack of knowledge" That was under the old testament and sadly it is true of a lot of believers today..

    ".. and when Jesus SAW their faith, he said to the sick of the palsy, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you!"

    But the guy and his friends didn't come for forgiveness of sin but to get his healing.. So why did Jesus say that? Jesus then pointed out to the Scribes and Pharisee's.. "What is easier to say? You sins be forgiven, or be healed?" In the eyes of God, forgiveness of your sins = healing for your body.. but it is not automatic.. LOOK.. Jesus turning to the paralysed man (Notice he was still paralysed and lying on the floor) Why was this when Jesus said his sins were forgiven him? Because he didn't know either! So Jesus then said to him, "That you may know that the Son of Man has power on Earth to forgive sins, I say to the sick of the palsy, 'Rise, take up your bed and walk' The paralysed man then rose (acted his faith in Jesus and grasped that they were the same thing) and rose up healed!

    Jesus was also pointing this out, that YOU may also know that Forgiveness of sins = healing for your body..

    Another example of someone who didn't know..
    The woman bowed over with a spirit of infirmity should have been healed.. Jesus said so! After He set her free, he said to the Scribes, "..insomuch as she is also a daughter of Abraham" Why was that important? Because she had a covenant right to the promises of God and one of them was healing.

    The first redemptive name of God to the Israelites was. "I am the Lord that Healeth thee" The scribes believed in healing as they said to Jesus "Are there not 6 days when men should come to be healed?" Unfortunately, they don't seem to have told her about it. As a daughter of Abraham, she had a right to healing as part of the Abrahamic covenant. and this is the OLD testament. Jesus had not yet paid the price for all men to receive from God!

    People use God's sovereignty as an excuse as to why they are not healed.. This is what He told me about that one day.

    "Yes, God is Sovereign but it does not make Him a respecter of persons.. ALL may freely receive from His grace"

    "For God is no respecter of persons" 4 scriptures to show He has no favourites..
    If He saved one, He will save all. If He healed one, He will heal all, If He delivered one, He will deliver all

    "The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy"
    "Your enemy is the devil"
    "Be subject to God, RESIST (oppose, get in the way of) the devil and he will flee (as in terror) from you"

    Under the old covenant, the devil had the power of death but Jesus broke that for us. "Jesus has (past tense) destroyed him that had (past tense) the power of death, that is, the devil"

    Jesus gave US the power (delegated authority) over all of the power of the enemy. 'Behold, look and take notice! I give you power (authority) over ALL of the power (ability) of the enemy. YOU (not Jesus or God) YOU shall trample of serpents and scorpions and nothing shall by any means hurt YOU" - YOU is the subject here.. Is anything hurting YOU? Get rid of it NOW Jesus name!

    The Dog and the Garden.. Once upon a time, there was a lady who had a lovely garden. She spend hours tending it.. One day she went into her garden to find a stray dog digging it up! She was horrified. the dog was making a real mess everywhere.. She quickly prayed.. 'Dear Lord, in Jesus name, please stop this dog from ruining my beautiful garden" Nothing changed.. She prayed again.. "Lord, please stop this dog from making a mess of my garden!" Still the dog continued to dig holes and break plants.. In frustration, the lady grabbed a broom and charged towards the dog yelling, "Get out of my garden in Jesus name!!" - The dog fled..

    What's messing up your 'garden' - Get rid of it in Jesus name!

    "Whom the Son has set free is free indeed"
    That's freedom from sin and all its children.. sickness, disease, poverty, lack, want etc..

    "For this purpose was the Son of God manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil" The Lord told me one night..

    "God has no greater delight than to destroy the works of the devil in the lives of people"

    AS He spoke, I understood that to mean sin, sickness and disease.

    Are you suffering any works of the devil?

    Stop trying to 'get' anything from God, or getting Him to do something about your healing.. Jesus has already paid the price for all to come to God in His name and freely receive from His grace.. His saving grace, His delivering grace, His healing grace.. "Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in My name, He WILL (no maybes) give it you"
    "ask and you shall receive that you joy may be full"
    God wants us full of joy, not full of sickness!

    The ONLY was you can get from God is to 'freely receive what it is His good pleasure (great joy) to give you.
    "Fear not little flock, it is your Fathers good pleasure to GIVE you the kingdom"
    "Freely as you have received, freely give"
    "As many as RECEIVED Him, them gave He the right to become the Sons of God"
    "Have you RECEIVED the Holy Spirit since you believed?'

    This is how (the only way) you get it. "By grace (unmerited favour) are you saved (delivered, healed) by faith (believing) and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God"
    This is God's eternal principle for anything you want from Him..
    1) You must understand and believe that it He wants to give it to you
    2) You must understand that Him giving us anything is totally dependant of what Jesus did for us.

    We can never be good enough or do enough to 'earn' our healing (or anything) from Him.

    3) You ask in faith that is, believing that you prayers have been heard and answered in Jesus name.
    "This is the confidence (faith) that we have in Him, that if ask anything according to His will, he hears us and if we know He hears us, we have the petitions we desire from Him"
    4) You believe you have it and you give thanks..

    It give the Father GREAT JOY to give us things!!

    Think of it like Christmas presents. You work all year, go without, do extra hours, just so your kids can have presents at Christmas time. The day comes and the kids see the presents wrapped up and head for them. They tear the wrapping to shreds (that you spent hours doing!) and then the joy appears on their faces when they see what they got!

    PLUS the JOY comes in YOUR heart as you see them blessed! Suddenly it doesn't matter what they cost, or what you went without. The joy of seeing them blessed was all worth it.

    This is our Heavenly Fathers attitude towards us. He gets GREAT JOY when you ask and freely receive from Him!

    Imagine if your kids came to you and said "what do I have to do to get my Christmas presents this year?" - You would be stunned, even offended! "You don't have to do anything!" you say "You are my child! I just love you and desire to bless you!"

    "For God SO loved the world, He gave His only son.."
    "If God SO loved us, we should love one another.."

    We cannot 'earn' our healing, nor try to get ourselves good enough to receive from Him.. His desire is to already heal us. Don't try to rob Him of His joy. Jesus paid a terrible price for us.

    I was at my daughters house with the family for the evening meal. I was outside looking through the window at my family and 2 year old little grandson (Matthew) opening his presents. My children's faces were all lit up (as was Matthews!) as they watched him rip open his presents. He had SO, SO many.. One after one was opened and I observed my family's faces as they gathered around and watched him.. They were just full of joy to see the little man so excited.

    Suddenly the Lord spoke clearly to me and said. "How much more do I desire to bless those that have received My Son"

    This is a BIG thing with God. Jesus taught a lot about receiving or rejecting Him and spoke many parables to this end..

    "For the Father Himself (tenderly) loves you (Why?) Because you have loved Me and believed that I came out from God" That's it.. nothing else needed and nothing else we can do! Rejoice!

    You ARE believers.. You HAVE receive Him.. Now simple ask in Jesus name and freely receive that which He desires to for us.

    "He that gave up His only Son for us, shall He not also FREELY GIVE us ALL things together with Him?"

    The Lord said to me once when I was a bit discouraged. "It's SO easy to receive from God son, simply believe"

    What God does for one, He will do for all. He is NO respecter of persons. ALL may freely receive from His grace..

    God Bless


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