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Full of Free resources, downloads, books and articles on how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.
Full of free resources, books and articles of how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.

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Healing belongs to us

Healing for the body is a part of the 'wonderful grace of God that brings salvation to the world' Jesus paid the price for our healing as the Scriptures plainly teach. Just because some fail to receive what the Lord did, doesn't change God's mind on it. Healing is based on what Jesus did for us, not on a 'will I, won't I' attitude.
Yes, He IS sovereign but ALL may freely receive from His grace. He has healed me numerous times and even delivered me from death! ~ His willingness to heal is based upon what Jesus did and His great love for us, not by our efforts or works. He is 'no respecter of persons' ~ What He does for one, He will do for all - Amen.

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Good news

I want to offer you today, an account of my experiences in healing over the past 25 years with Jesus and also the ministry of John G lake. John Lake had one the most miraculous ministries ever seen on this earth.. His ministry to Africa in the early 1900's, was marked by outstanding manifestations of the Spirit of God and upon his return to Spokane in America, he opened what he termed 'his healing rooms' During 5 years of ministry there, over 100,000 recorded miracles and healing's took place for the glory of God.. Spokane was declared one of the healthiest cities in America, mostly due to Lakes ministry.

About 25 years ago, at the start of my ministry, a copy of his original sermons came into my hands in Western Australia. How they got from America to me, God only knows. They were photocopied loose leaf typing's, corrections and all. I believe Lakes wife (Jenny) was an excellent typist and it's due to her efforts that we have some of his sermons today.

Some years ago, Kenneth Copeland Ministries (www.kcm.org) got a hold of them also and published them in a book. That book is available from their website and I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in the deep things of God to get a copy! As I received these notes many years before this book, I don't have any problem quoting from them..

There was one thing about his ministry that seems to have been, to a large degree, lost today.. and that is what I call 'staying in there' or persistence.. John Lake and the people in the 'Healing rooms' would minister to people every day until they were well, or in a position to get well. There is a tendency these days to pray once and if doesn't happen instantly.. oh well..

"Why is this?" you ask? Why is it people get healed instantly and others not? Lake said (and I have found this to be so as well) that the healing seems to be dependant on a couple of factors. One is the amount of faith present and the other is how much of the Spirit of God is also present.. He believed that the Lord Jesus had such absolute faith and the 'Spirit without measure' that when Jesus ministered to people, the power of God simply overwhelmed sickness and disease and people were made whole. But even the Lord Jesus ministered to a man twice before he was made whole (blind man example) and the 10 lepers were 'healed as they went' The healing manifested as they were obeying the voice of Jesus and on their way to see the priests.

We do not have the 'Spirit without measure' as Jesus had. We do have 'a measure of the Spirit' that can be increased as our faith and love in Him grows.. Lake would say to people.. 'Today, you have received a measure of the Spirit of God, so come back tomorrow and receive some more..' They would pray and minister to people until they got well. Sometimes it was instant, other times it was progressive..

This seems to confirm what the Lord also taught me about a 'New Day' (see here) We tend to see a day as a continuation of our lives.. and so it is but the Lord see every day as a new day.. He says a lot about it too!

"His mercies are new every morning" (not week)

"This is the day that the Lord has made" (again.. not a week or month)

"Give us this day our daily bread"

It's amazing how much power, yesterday and tomorrow have upon our lives. One has gone and the other hasn't yet arrived. Yet they seem to hold tremendous power over us. That's why Jesus said "Take no thought for tomorrow.." The apostle Paul said "This one thing I have learned, forgetting those things that are behind" We carry yesterdays baggage with us and then add tomorrows worries and wonder why we struggle through the day!! Have a read..

"His mercies (not mercy) are new every morning" So partake of them everyday!

I would often minister to people until they were well. If they didn't get it today. I would pray again tomorrow and so on.. Whether I got this a result of Lakes writings or direct from the Lord.. God only knows.. but it works! I knew Jesus wanted to heal people so I kept at it until I got them well.. or they gave up! No-one, not even God can violate your free will. Jesus said to me once.. "If you don't give up son, neither will I"

If you are not well, then I would suggest you go and receive minister until you are.. One case in question was Michael. I first met him at church. I walked in and immediately my eyes fell upon him and I seemed to be drawn to him.. I also knew by the Spirit of God that he had 'Aids' We got to know each other and after a while i said to him that I would minister to him for 30 days if that was ok.. He said it was (You got to get peoples willing permission!) One of his problems was that he couldn't eat very well. So after work, I would go around and see Michael, have a chat, talk about the Word of God and pray for him. At first it seemed to make little difference. Sometimes I would only stay for a few minutes, other times for an hour or so.. I would use my faith and thank God Michael was delivered, even though there was little evidence of this. This went on for some 10-15 days (I think) and then this happened.. I started to pray for him.. he was lying down, not feeling to good, when I looked at his stomach.. he leant up and saw it too. There was something moving about in his stomach! "There it is!" he said! I said "in the name of Jesus Christ. come out of him!" It immediately left and things settled down.. I prayed for him again and left.. The next day Michael was ecstatic! He had been to a fast food place and eaten a hamburger! (he had been struggling eating just bread before, let alone greasy foods!) His appetite had returned and he was feeling much better!

What if I had given up? What if I had said "Well you never know what God will do" or some other religious stuff? Jesus knew exactly what God would do and went about 'destroying the works of the devil' Acts10:38 and 1John

I continued to minister to him every day and he continued to improve.. it was around the 25th day (not sure now) that another remarkable thing happened.. I didn't know it but Michael had another disease.. I went to pray and I heard a single word in my spirit.. 'Emphysema' I didn't even know what it meant! I thought about it for a minute and then asked Michael if he had it. He said 'Yes' and seemed surprised that I knew. I told him how I knew and we prayed. I place my hands upon him and he was instantly healed of it!! Awesome!!

So at the end of the 30 days, Michael was a LOT better!! If you are not well, keeping BELIEVING and go and get help from your brothers and sisters in Christ. "The body is help together by that which every joint supplies" ~ " When one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers" or supposed too!

Here's what Jesus said. "They shall lay hands on the sick and shall recover.." The Amplified version says.. "and they shall get well" Recovering is a process.. If you have been prayed for and hands laid upon you, Jesus said "you are recovering!" What do you believe? we see in James5:14.. "Are there any sick amongst you? (this is written to the church) Then it tell the sick what to do.. 'Let them call for the elders of the church and let them pray over them anointing them with oil in the name of the lord.. (Now it tells you what will happen) and the prayer of faith (not unbelief) SHALL heal (that is, restore) the sick and lord SHALL raise them up and if they have committed sins, it SHALL be forgiven them" There are 3 'Shall's' here.. NO maybes.. If you have been prayed for as above, then the Bible says the Lord SHALL.. heal and restore you.. Raise you up and forgive any sins.. All you have to do is believe what He said.. and give thanks..

"Thankyou Lord for healing me, Thankyou Lord you are raising me up and I am recovering.. I believe you Lord.."

The 4 main things that will stop this from working for you is:
1) Unbelief (no faith)
The Bible says: "Jesus could do no mighty work because of their unbelief" It doesn't say He 'wouldn't' ~ It says He 'couldn't'.. "Without faith, it is impossible to please God.." Heb11:3

"All things are possible to him that believes" (has faith). Faith ONLY comes from the Word of God. Just do what God told Joshua to do.. meditate upon the Word of God night and day.. It is just like a seed. It will go down into your heart and start to grow and bring for fruit (Faith is a part of that fruit!) Go and read Mark Chapter 4 and see what Jesus said about 'sowing the Word of God'

2) Unforgiveness: (not forgiving others)
This will stop the power of God in a persons life faster than anything I have ever come across. Jesus said if you don't forgive others, your Father in Heaven won't forgive you!! Everybody loves Mark11:23 and 24.. but it also comes with verse 25.. "and when you stand praying, forgive.. if you have anything against anyone.."

I was ministering one day and the power of God was present to heal. As I came to the end of my talk, the gifts of the Holy Spirit came into operation and I 'knew' that there was someone in the audience that was in need of healing. I then knew who it was and pointed to her. The lady hobbled forward.. She was full of arthritis. I prayed for her and the power of God came stronger. I then asked to do something she couldn't do before, like knee down. (Faith is an act!.. "When Jesus SAW their faith..") She tried but was unable to bend. I thought 'strange' so I encouraged her to believe and prayed again. Yet again, the power of God came and still she couldn't bend down. Suddenly, I looked at her and said "Are you on unforgiveness?" She said "Yes! ~ I was only asking God to forgive me this morning because I couldn't forgive what some people had done to me!" She went on.. "You don't know what those people did!" I said it didn't matter, only that Jesus taught a LOT about unforgiveness! You see, the love and power of God came to her but her unforgiveness stopped it from making her well. I told her to go home and forgive those people and when she awoke in the morning, she would be well..

Being completely out of the will of God:
A lady friend of mine I had known for many years, told me one day that she had just had a hysterectomy. As I listened to her story, I started to think about why this thing had come upon her. As I did, the Lord spoke clearly to me and said. "When she was 13 years old, I called her to the mission field but she didn't go" I said to her. "When you were a young girl, did the Lord call you to the mission field?" She went a white as a sheet, her mouth dropped open and she said "How on earth did you know that!!" (She was in her 50's now) I told her that the Lord had just told me. She confirmed this was the case but things happened and she didn't get around to it.. Will she get to Heaven? Absolutely! but she just didn't enjoy God's best for her life here.

"If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land" "I come to do thy will Oh God"

Not walking in love:
Jesus said " A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another AS I have loved you" It wasn't a request! The Apostle Paul wrote "Make love your great quest..." Another Scripture says "Walk in love as dear children (of God).."

Not walking in love towards people, will stop the blessing of God from operating in your life. WE are commanded to do so. As you purpose in your heart to do this, grace will be released to enable you to do it. You may (probably will, like me!) miss it now and again but as long as the decision is there, grace will enable you. If you miss it, then repent and move on..

None of this means God doesn't love you, or that you won't get to Heaven. He loves you because you accepted Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Jesus said.. "The Father Himself (tenderly) loves you because you believe on Me and that I came out from God"

The help of the Holy Spirit:
The Lord said to me a few weeks ago..

"The Holy Spirit is as passionate (willing) to help you as Jesus is to save you"

Few of us would doubt the Lords willingness and sacrifice to save us from sin, yet very few of us seem to recognise that this same passion abides in the Holy Spirit, in regards to helping us. That is one of the reasons He came.. "I will send you another (just like me) helper" John14 ~ Ask Him for His help everyday. I lean upon Him greatly. I spend a lot of time in the Spirit, allowing His grace to pray the perfect will for my life and ministry. I treat Him just like Jesus. If the Lord Jesus Christ was walking the Earth now, we could go to Him and receive help for whatever we needed. The Holy Spirit is just like Jesus and He was sent to help us. He helped me receive my healing from diabetes and He is no respecter of persons (has no favourites)

The Lord also said to me once. "The Holy Spirit will help you receive from the Lord son" So ask Him to help you.. Ask Him to help you walk in love. Ask Him to help you find God's perfect will for your life. Ask Him to help you receive your healing from the Lord.. "Ask and it shall be given you..." Jesus said. God Bless


God Bless


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