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Full of Free resources, downloads, books and articles on how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.
Full of free resources, books and articles of how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.

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Last updated: 4th March 2012 by John Reynolds Ministries

Healing belongs to us

Healing for the body is a part of the 'wonderful grace of God that brings salvation to the world' Jesus paid the price for our healing as the Scriptures plainly teach. Just because some fail to receive what the Lord did, doesn't change God's mind on it. Healing is based on what Jesus did for us, not on a 'will I, won't I' attitude.
Yes, He IS sovereign but ALL may freely receive from His grace. He has healed me numerous times and even delivered me from death! ~ His willingness to heal is based upon what Jesus did and His great love for us, not by our efforts or works. He is 'no respecter of persons' ~ What He does for one, He will do for all - Amen.

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Good news

  • James 5:14 - God's promise to His Church.

    Faith is a gift from God that enables you to receive from His grace.

    Jesus said: "Come learn of Me, for My yoke is EASY, My burden is LIGHT"
    The apostle Paul said, "I would not have you moved from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ"

So what happened!!

The traditions of men and religion entered in and changed what was meant to be easy, into difficult and complicated.
I will go through some of the problems I have encountered and hopefully at the end of it you will be healed, or be in a position to be healed..

PROBLEM 1:- A lot of us are trying to 'GET' our healing from the Lord. You can't 'get' anything from Him. You can only freely receive what it is His good pleasure (gives Him great joy) to give us. "I'm trying to get my healing' Well stop right now and let this yoke go, because it's NOT easy and light (delightful) and take Christ's yoke upon you.. 'How do I do that?' Simple.. BELIEVE! They came to Jesus and said 'What must we do that we might work the works of God?' (How many of us are trying to 'work the works') Jesus said to them. "This is the work of God, that you might BELIEVE on Him Who He has sent" The work of God is believing on Jesus who finished the works for us! "Father, I have finished the works you have given Me to do" ~ It is finished. Everything necessary for mankind's salvation, (deliverance, healing, provision) was accomplished by Jesus. Man can add nothing to it.
All we have to do, is what Jesus said to do. That is BELIEVE..
Some more examples of what He taught me.

The healing of my eardrum.

I was down the beach a couple of months ago when I got water in my ear. For some reason, it hurt! I lay on the beach and was trying to force a screwed up towel into my ear to get the water off my eardrum, when He spoke to me.. "Don't you try and do it, believe Me" So I did.. I just lay there and believed Jesus was fixing it up.. Within a couple of minutes, My eardrum was completely well! I had ceased from my own efforts and now believed Him to do it. "They that have believed do enter into rest" Have you ceased from your own labours of trying to 'get' healed? I have to guard against this all the time. It can be so easy to move from grace to works. It's faith in His (healing) grace that receives from Him, not our efforts. "By grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves... not of works, (our efforts) least any man should boast"

"So what do I do John?"

1) STOP trying to get healed.
2) Apologise to the Lord for trying to do it.
3) Start believing you have received what you have prayed for in Jesus name.

It's an adjustment in your heart. "God looketh upon the heart" He greatly desires you to be well and whole. Believe this!!

Something like.. "Lord, I come to you in Jesus name with praise in my heart and thanksgiving on my lips, to thank you for what Jesus did for us at Calvary. Lord, I believe that Jesus did all that was necessary for my salvation, healing and deliverance. I am sorry I have tried to 'get' what it is your good pleasure to give me. I ask You to heal me now, based on the finished works of Christ and your GREAT love for me and I believe I have it now in Jesus name"
Now all you have to do is believe your prayer is heard and answered and give thanks. This is taking Christ's yoke upon you by believing.. easy and light.. "Only believe" said Jesus to one. "believe I am able to do this?" He said to another..
"Ok, John, I'll give that a try!' Don't bother. - It doesn't 'work' by trying. It's not a formula. It works by believing and receiving from His grace.
It works because Jesus said so, not because John said so.

The healing of my shoulder.

A few weeks ago, I started to get a pain the muscle of my right shoulder. It grew worse and worse until it became extremely sore. (Why we put up with things so long sometimes, I don't know!) I was lying on the couch rubbing it gently (extremely painful by now) It felt like the muscle had become detached, boy it really hurt.. Suddenly I heard the Lords gently voice saying just ONE word.. "BELIEVE" So I did. I lay there and said in my heart, 'I believe I have received my healing, thank God my shoulder is healed, thankyou Jesus.. and so on.." I didn't try to 'make' it happen, or 'get' anything from Him.. I just lay there and believed He had healed me. Within about 30 minutes, my shoulder was perfectly well! I could even hit it now with not the slightest bit of pain! ~ Awesome Jesus!
What He does for one, He will do for all. He is no respecter of persons. He has no favourites. He takes great pleasure in giving us things.. All we have to do is freely receive them.

Traditions and religion have made it complicated. In the Bible, they just came to Jesus received from Him. He healed ALL that came to Him. No exceptions. You are His child, so how much more should YOU be able to receive!
Easy, simple and light.

"But what about this, or what about that" - My answer is simply this. Simply start to believe Jesus. If there are any problems, He WILL tell you as you believe Him. (Most times there isn't any, just the devils lies)

Now, be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only and put into practice what you have just read.. It doesn't take months to receive from Jesus. "Behold, now it the accepted time, now is the day of salvation" Believe and start to act your faith, for that is what faith.. it's not 'what' you believe, it's acting upon what you believe. "And when Jesus SAW their faith" How did He see their faith? By their actions. Sometimes the only action you can take is to 'believe and praise'

If you are in desperate need, then I am available on Skype if you want to talk. I am not a Pastor, nor do I have a church, but I'll try to help you with the knowledge he has patiently taught me over the past 28 years.

UNBELIEF: "and He (Jesus) could do no mighty work because of their unbelief. It doesn't say He 'wouldn't'.. it says He 'couldn't' - "and the Word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.." God Bless


God Bless


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