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Full of Free resources, downloads, books and articles on how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.
Full of free resources, books and articles of how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.

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Healing belongs to us

Healing for the body is a part of the 'wonderful grace of God that brings salvation to the world' Jesus paid the price for our healing as the Scriptures plainly teach. Just because some fail to receive what the Lord did, doesn't change God's mind on it. Healing is based on what Jesus did for us, not on a 'will I, won't I' attitude.
Yes, He IS sovereign but ALL may freely receive from His grace. He has healed me numerous times and even delivered me from death! ~ His willingness to heal is based upon what Jesus did and His great love for us, not by our efforts or works. He is 'no respecter of persons' ~ What He does for one, He will do for all - Amen.

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Good news

  • James 5:14 - God's promise to His Church.

    Faith is a gift from God that enables you to receive from His grace.


    The most least viewed pages on this site are, "what a lady did to get healed" and "casting seed into the ground"

    and yet, they are the best pages on how to receive your healing! They both cover the same subject, just from different angles. Jesus said that Mark 4, 'the sower sows the word' is the Primary parable and unless you understood this, you would understand any of the others!

    People seem to what to just get the 'popular bits' and miss what Jesus said to do. That's all faith is.. just acting upon the Words of God / Jesus. Jesus said "Why you call me Lord, Lord and do not the things I tell you?"

    Jesus said "Give and it shall be given you" This is the primary law in the Kingdom of God. People don't seem to want to sow seeds of healing for others much. Why? Because it takes time and effort.. People just want to 'get healed' The 'real' problem here is the heart attitude. Jesus said "The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you" When we start to excercise the 'faith which worketh (energised) by love' We will have a lot more success in receiving what God delights to give us.

    God said: "as long as the Earth remains, it shall be seedtime and harvest" This is not talking just about a wheat crop but a spiritual principle, set down by God, 'who is a Spirit' - Jn4-24

    Jesus said "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap" We have taken that to mean 'bad things' but it applies just as much to 'good things!' So why not start sowing 'good seed' into others lives? The lady who had cancer and did this for 3 days, received her complete healing! Read Here. Read what the Lord said to her.. The principles of God apply to 'whosoever will'

    "Pray one for another that YOU may be healed"
    "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall HE reap"
    "Blessed are the merciful, for THEY shall receive mercy"

    Faith is sometimes as simple as just believing what the above scriptures say and start to "be a doer of the Word, not a hearer only, deceiving your own selves" James.

    Yes, faith is involved, forgiveness is involved but I have found over 29 years, that as I start to put the words of Jesus into practice, that the Holy Spirit will start reveal the things of God into our lives. Jesus said "He that practices what I preach shall have the light of life" As you 'do' what Jesus said, the light of the God kind of life, available here on this earth.. now, will start to be opened up to you. "He will take of Mine and reveal it unto you"

    Even if there is something wrong, as you start to do this, the Holy Spirit will help you receive from His grace. He came and delights to help us. You don't have to be perfect to receive from God, just righteous. Jesus is our righteousness.

    God Bless


    God Bless


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