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Full of Free resources, downloads, books and articles on how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.
Full of free resources, books and articles of how to receive what Jesus has already paid for.

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Healing belongs to us

Healing for the body is a part of the 'wonderful grace of God that brings salvation to the world' Jesus paid the price for our healing as the Scriptures plainly teach. Just because some fail to receive what the Lord did, doesn't change God's mind on it. Healing is based on what Jesus did for us, not on a 'will I, won't I' attitude.
Yes, He IS sovereign but ALL may freely receive from His grace. He has healed me numerous times and even delivered me from death! ~ His willingness to heal is based upon what Jesus did and His great love for us, not by our efforts or works. He is 'no respecter of persons' ~ What He does for one, He will do for all - Amen.

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Good news

  • James 5:14 - God's promise to His Church.

    Faith is a gift from God that enables you to receive from His grace.

    "Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?"

    (Acts 19v2) This is the opening sentence from the Apostle Paul to believers in Ephesus. He is SO important to the life of a believer, yet sadly He has been shut out, either by a lack of knowledge or unbelief. I would like to examine what the scriptures say about Him and His work and help in their lives..

    Jesus doesn't say a lot about the Holy Spirit until the near the end of His earthly ministry. You will find a lot about the Holy Trinity in John chapter 14 through to 17. These three chapters start to expand a lot about the coming of the 'comforter' (helper, standby, intercessor, advocate, strengthener) You will also find that receiving Him is a commandment, (yes a commandment!) from Jesus just prior to His accession to Heaven. The Book of Acts records (Acts 1v4) Jesus commanded them that 'they should not depart from Jerusalem but to wait for the promise of the Father... you shall be baptised with the Holy Spirit, not many days hence'

    They were told to (1) Not depart and (2) Wait. In Verse 8 we find out why this is. 'but you shall receive power (Greek word Dunamis, or miracle working ability) after the Holy Ghost has descended upon you and you shall be witnesses of me.. In other words 'don't go anywhere until you receive miracle working power to be a witness for me.. Sadly, a lot of believers haven't received the power necessary yet.. Let's continue: Acts 2v2-4. There came a sound from Heaven... and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.. So we see here two things: (1) They were ALL filled, not some. (2) They ALL spoke in other tongues and the Spirit gave them utterance. They had all received the power Jesus spoke of and they all received a new language.

    Is this for everyone you may well ask? After Peter had received the Holy Spirit, he gave a sermon, in the power of the Spirit. This man who had previously denied he even knew Jesus, was now preaching and got around three thousand souls saved! Not bad for your first sermon! Acts 3v33. Peter said this was 'the promise of the Father that you now see and hear' Verse 38-39 clearly states that this gift was 'to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call' Well, we are 'afar off' and 'certainly called!'

    Now let's move further into the book of Acts and see what the apostles in Jerusalem thought about the importance of the 'Gift of the Holy Spirit' In chapter 8, Philip was preaching Christ to the people, getting people healed and delivered from devils.. now verse 14 states 'that when the apostles at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the Word of God (They heard Philips preaching and believed on Jesus and were baptised. Verse 12) they sent to them Peter and John (what for?) 'Who when they were come down, prayed for them that may receive the Holy Spirit, for as yet He was fallen upon none of them, only they were baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus. They had received Jesus, now they were receiving the Holy Spirit. The Apostles at Jerusalem understood the importance of believers to receive the 'promise of the Father' that they sent the two apostles down there 'to lay their hands upon them and receive the Holy Spirit' Verse 17.

    Let's continue to Sauls conversion: We all know about how Saul, later called Paul, met Jesus on the road to Damascus.. Jesus gave him specific instructions. In verse 17, we find Ananias going into Paul and saying 'Brother Saul.. (notice he called him a 'brother' - He was saved at this point) Jesus sent me here 'that you may receive your sight and the Holy Ghost' Again, we see the importance of receiving Him. Let's continue: In Acts 10:v34 -48 (read it) we find Peter preaching Jesus to the house of the gentiles.. look what happens.. right in the middle of his sermon, The Lord pours out the gift of the Holy Ghost and they heard them 'speak with tongues and magnify God' Verse 45-46. Let's keep going: In Acts 19, Paul and Barnabus had arrived at Ephesus where they found certain disciples. What's the first thing Paul says to them? 'Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?

    Please look up the above scriptures for yourself. They are in the Book of Acts

    God Bless


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